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Organic Cotton Mattress


We generously layer our innersprings with organic cotton, providing luxurious comfort of cotton. These layers are then hand-tufted to an organic cotton ticking cover (Germany). No fire retardants, natural or synthetic, are added to this mattress; therefore a doctor’s prescription is required.


A box spring comprised of 72 or 81 coils is recommended for this mattress. The organic cotton mattress comes in three different firmness levels: Firm (312 coils/full size), Extra Firm (510 coils/full size), and Super Firm (1000 coils/full size).



Organic Cotton/Pure Grow Wool™ Mattress


Our hand-tufted mattresses are covered with a gentle, caressing organic fabric. But under the soft-to-the-touch cover is the perfect support. Our US-Made and tempered innersprings are covered with layers upon layers of fluffy organic cotton. Then for the ultimate touch, we wrap it with our Pure Grow Wool™. Organic outer Fabric (Germany)


The Organic Cotton/Pure Grow Wool™ mattress comes in three firmness: Firm with 312 coils/full size, Extra Firm with 522 coils/full size, and Super Firm with 1000 coils/full size. A box spring is recommended for this mattress.



The Rose Mattress


This mattress is crafted with our finest organic cotton and wool. The extra firm innerspring is generously layered with organic cotton and wool, both in batt layers and quilted layers. These layers are then hand-tufted inside, under the quilted cover so the batting will not shift or show early body impressions. The quilting is a generous layer of organic cotton and Pure Grow Wool™, all machine quilted to an organic cotton ticking cover (Germany).


We recommend the mattress be matched with our corresponding 81-count box springs, which is covered with matching ticking.


Natural Royal Dream


The Natural Royal Dream is comprised of unique independently wrap 2050 coil count spring unit to adjust and conform individually to different body shapes. These independent springs are covered on each side with 2” of 100% natural latex. We place 4 layers of 100% organic cotton over the latex and then inner tufted for extra comfort. Lastly we cover the mattress with a plush quilting of 1” organic cotton & 1” Pure Grow Wool.

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