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Our pads are a good, natural addition to any mattress. Adding just a little extra cushioning while you sleep, these pads will give you many hours of pleasurable rest. There are a variety of styles to fit your personal needs.



1 1/2" Wool Mattress Pad


Our most popular mattress pad is 1-1/2" of Pure Grow Wool™ comfort. Hand tufted to a natural organic cotton cover ensures added pleasure to your sleep. Cotton elastic straps are sewn at the corners for easy attachment to any mattress. Our 1 ½" Mattress Pad.


Quilted Wool Mattress Pad


Designed for all-season comfort and less bulk, we fill our pad with our Pure Grow Wool™ and machine quilt for less bulk. With all our Natural Bedroom products, we use organic fabric (milled in USA or Mexico) to provide you with a pure, comfortable sleeping environment. And with all our Pads, we use a wide cotton elastic strap to securely hold the pad in place while you sleep.



1 1/2" Plain Latex Mattress Pad


The latex mattress pad is 100% natural latex that is covered in a natural cotton cover and is hand tufted. This latex pad will add a supportive feel while still adding extra comfort to a mattress. Natural elastic straps sewn to the corners easily attach this pad to a mattress to provide comfort to the customer.



Seasonal Mattress Pad


Our Seasonal Pad is designed for year-round comfort and peace of mind. We fill one side of our hand-tufted pad with organic cotton on one side and the reverse with our Pure Grow Wool™, providing you the emotional comfort of sleeping on cotton in the hotter months and wool during cooler times. This pad will provide a well-desired rest in any climate. Approx. 1" thick.


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