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Choosing the Right Sleep System

Selecting the right sleep system is important if you are to enjoy the best rest possible. Below are some questions to ask yourself when selecting a sleep system:

What type of Sleeper are you? Back, Side or Stomach?

Back and stomach sleepers generally are more comfortable on a flatter and harder mattress. Side sleeper requires a little softer mattress to allow the hips and shoulders to sink in, allowing the mattress to support the side and therefore keeping the spine straight. Click here for more help.

Do you have problems with pressure points?

If you have pressure point problems, a softer mattress may be better. And adding extra cushioning like the 1-1/2 wool pad or the premium 3" wool pad adds extra comfort.

Do you think you want a mattress as firm as the floor?

Most people who feel this way don't sleep all night on the floor. If you are one of the rare ones who can do this comfortably, then our hardest latex or cotton/wool extra firm mattresses would be the ideal choice. Most people need more cushioning than this. Consider that you need to lie comfortably on this 6-8 hours at a time.  Click here for more help.

What is your body type?

Generally people with more curves need a softer, more cushioned mattress and someone with less curvature.

Do you like a flat surface or do you want to feel like the mattress gently holds you?

Latex gives the most solid, flat feel of our mattresses. To get the feeling that a mattress gently holds you, consider adding our 3" topper. You can get the cloud-like comfort without sacrificing support.

What age are you buying for?

A 5-year old child will have different weight and support requirements than a 20-year old. Also think about how your body felt and all the changes you may have been feeling compared to 5 years ago? 10 years ago? Ask anyone in their 70's and they can tell you they feel more aches and pains than when they were in their 60's. Or someone in their 50's may start to feel the onset of arthritis and may mistake the pains as needing a firmer mattress instead of something with more cushioning. Ask yourself several questions and be very honest with yourself.
How old are you? Or how old will be you be in 5 years? 10 years? Even though you may live a health, active life, our bodies change with time.
Could your pains possibly be age-related?
You may remember sleeping on the floor when you were younger. But do you still do that now? And are your still comfortable? Or do you get up slower and stiffer if you do this.
Are there any old injuries that may start to surface? That may require support, yet more cushioning than you may have thought about?

Do you sleep hot?

Everyone loses moisture when sleeping. Some people sleep hotter than others. If you are the type that sleeps hotter, wool is the perfect insulator. It will wick away moisture and provide a more comfortable sleeping environment.

What is your climate? Where do you live?

In areas that are hotter and more humid, mold and mildew are a concern. Latex and wool are better choices for these areas.

Remember that choosing a mattress is a very personal choice. These are some guidelines and questions to ask yourself to help you can make the best decision for your sleeping comfort.


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