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Our History

We first opened our doors in the Crown City of California in 1917, where in Pasadena we were first known as Crown City Mattress. Well-established as a mattress manufacturer with decades of experience, we are still going strong -- growing, listening and learning new ways to incorporate new and better technology.


In the last decade or two we have worked, researched and experimented to expand our natural sleep division to include a natural and organic top-of-bed line that includes pillows, pads, covers and comforters: becoming nationally known as The Natural Bedroom. Then in 2002 some new and exciting changes occurred. We officially changed our name and updated our look to become Vivetique Sleep Systems. Vivetique, our new parent company name, holds different product divisions, such as Reveresse and The Natural Bedroom.


We are still a family run company whose goal has always been to provide a refreshing night's rest. Isn't that what sleep is all about?


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