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Quick Tips to Follow
Our products may be cleaned by airing out and odors neutralized with a solution of water and vinegar.


Did you know?

Wool is the perfect insulator. It will keep you warm when cold and cool in hot weather.











1. What is the difference between down and wool?


Wool is the most complex, breathable fiber on earth, responding to your body temperature by not overheating, as down tends to do. Down does not handle moisture well, losing its insulating properties, clumping and separating as it collects moisture.


Wool is a perfect insulator worn in many areas of the world to keep warm, yet the Bedouins of the Sahara wear wool because it keeps them cool.


Dust mites love down because they thrive in dark damp places. Wool does not provide the damp medium for them to thrive


Wool is a bit weightier than down and will not slip around on the bed. Our pads and comforter are constructed of full size layers of batting, hand tufted and/or machine sewn into position so it will not bunch or separate leaving cold spots.



2. What is Sonoma County Pure Grow Wool™?


A program initiated by The Natural Bedroom.  We follow organic agricultural practices; no pesticides on the pasture, no chemicals in the animal feed, use a biodegradable soap for lanolin removal, allow the wash house to recycle the lanolin, and use a land management system for low impact on the environment.



3. How do I care for your products?


Natural fibers truly benefit from sunning and airing. Borrowed from the Europeans, we recommend monthly airing for all of our products. You can spot clean the cotton or the wool, but you cannot submerge either fiber in water. A mixture of three parts water and one part vinegar misted on the products before airing will neutralize odors.

Bedding may be professionally cleaned by an upholstery method using a wet-cleaning non-dip method. Avoid traditional dry-cleaned.



4. What is green cotton and is your cotton organic or green?


Green cotton is unbleached and un-dyed but not grown under certified organic standards. In our Natural Bedroom product line, we use only organic cotton fibers in our products.



5. How do I choose a pillow?


We offer organic cotton-filled, Pure Grow Wool™-filled and kapok-filled pillows. All natural-fiber filled pillows will compress about 1/3 over time.

Cotton is a static fiber and will provide a firmer, flatter pillow. A wool pillow is springier, resilient and has the best moisture-wicking properties. And the most down-like is our kapok-filled pillows.

As a general guideline, side sleepers need extra fill pillow, back sleepers need a medium fill pillow, stomach sleepers need light fill pillows. All our pillows can be used with our wool neck roll.

Please remember choosing a pillow is a personal selection and only the one using our pillows can know and make the final decision.



6. Why should I choose a wool pad or a wool mattress topper?


A wool pad or topper will provide a comfortable layer underneath with all its benefits - wicks moisture away, helping to regulate body temperature and regulate heart rate. Our wool pads add a layer of softness to any conventional mattress.

The 3" wool mattress topper will have more of a nesting quality. The wool will come up around you, gently cradling you while you sleep.

The pad, approximately 1-1/2" thick, will settle somewhat flatter than our
3" wool mattress topper. It also may have the advantage of being small enough to be air fluffed in the dryer for moisture removal.

The latex pad is surrounded with our Pure Grow Wool™ to give you all the benefits of wool and still provide extra support and body.

Our seasonal pad has a cool, breathable layer of cotton on one side for the warmer summer and fall months and a layer of wool for the cooler months.



7. What is the difference between a futon and your 3" mattresses?


We make a layered bed system. Borrowing concepts from Europe and Japan, we use 3" layers of natural fibers combined for different degrees of softness. These are used on a slatted bed frame for its airing ability. We find that 3" layers are easy to maintain by rotating and airing, increasing the longevity of the bed.

They do not convert to a couch though, thus they are not futons by Western standards.



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