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The Natural Bedroom is the online retailer for the manufacturer, Vivetique Sleep Systems.

We proudly celebrated our 100th anniversary in 2017! We were founded in 1917 in Southern California and integrated organic production methods way back in 1989, long before the Green Industry was thriving. We are a family-owned business with less than 20 employees, so all manufacturing is a loving, hand-crafted process. Your order, delivery and any customer service needs will be taken care of by real people! We hope this online experience is easy to use, but you can always call our toll-free number for assistance.

We have long insisted on using only the best, most-sustainable methods and materials. We are very proud of our position as a pioneer in the industry. Back in 1989, finding organic materials was like finding a needle in a very chemical-saturated haystack. However, demand slowly increased and we eventually added Organic Wool and Organic Latex to our original Organic Cotton products. 

We've always been an independent manufacturer, focused mainly on selling private label products to brick-and-mortar retailers. During the last 3 decades, we've greatly improved the process of producing healthier sleep products. Instead of working with just one farmer producing an Organic Cotton crop, we are now thrilled to work with materials brokers who help us find responsible farmers, ranchers and growers to partner with. Demand and competition in the Green Industry has been wonderful for the consumer--the quality of materials has increased and selection has improved also! Organic products aren't the rarity they were in 1989--they're available nearly everywhere!

As technology improvements and consumer demand have intersected in this new age, we decided it would make more sense to sell directly to the customer (after all, higher efficiency = a healthier planet!) We're proud to offer a line of products that is sustainable, good for our customers, our employees, and the planet! 

We hope that you will buy and enjoy our products for years to come! Thanks for learning about us!

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