Our Tufted Comforter contains only two materials--Organic Cotton and Organic Wool! Unlike our Tufted Tropical Comforter, this comforter has more wool inside of the organic cotton cover for a heavier feel. 


Wool is a wonderful temperature regulator so its ideal in a comforter all year long. It wicks away body heat in the summer but stores it close in winter.


IMPORTANT! - Please note our product dimensions when purchasing your comforter. Industry standards have changed quite a bit in the last 10 years and so we offer "standard" sizes and "super" sizes. We recommend "super" sizes when you have a thicker mattress or when you want your comforter to hang lower on each side. It is highly recommended that you use a duvet cover with our comforters since wool is not machine washable. Again, because industry standards have fluctuated recently, you should take note of our dimensions as well as any duvet cover dimensions to make sure they are compatible.


Twin Comforter = 66" x 86"

Twin XL Comforter = 66' x 94"

Full Comforter = 78" x 88"

Super Full Comforter = 86" x 86"

Queen Comforter = 86" x 86" 

Super Queen Comforter = 92" x 96"

King Comforter = 86" x 100"

Super King Comforter = 98" x 104"

Cal King Comforter = 98" x 100"

Tufted Comforter

PriceFrom $482.40